About us

Step into the Blankie world. Formulated with love and care.

You can count on Blankie from day one! Formulated with love and care, our products provide your children with the mildness needed to replenish their skin and hair in all their early stages. Certified & dermatologically tested. We believe the best baby and kids bath, body and hair products are ones you can trust. Which is why our products provide your children with care that exceeds mildness to replenish their skin and hair.


Blankie products are specially formulated for young skin, designed to provide moisture and high protection all day long. Our full range of products are enriched with natural ingredients combined with soothing Chamomile and Calendula blends to offer gentle care for kids & babies delicate skin.


Gentle care formulas to protect against allergic reactions. ... Free from parabens, sulfates, silicones & paraffin. Can adults use baby products? Even you can start using it as your daily regular routine to pamper your face, hair and body without worrying about the harsh chemicals that will irritate your skin and scalp. Babies are not born with a skin barrier, so they are not as protected against skin conditions as adults are. As a result, baby skin needs a little extra love. Products formulated for babies have extra-gentle formulas that help baby’s skin barrier develop properly. But can adults use baby products too? We say yes! Because they are super gentle, baby products also work well for adults with sensitive skin. In fact, the benefits of using baby products as an adult are numerous! You can even use them in innovative ways!

3 in 1 Wash:

Shampoo+Conditoner+Body wash: An all in one that will also cleanse and hydrate both your hair and body.

Baby Oil:

Can be used as your daily soothing massage oil. Did you know that it’s a multipurpose oil that can also be used to nourish your hair too! Add a few drops before/after your shower or on dry hair or before/after styling.

Diaper Rash Cream:

Great for preventing rashes, calming redness and irritated skin.

Daily Moisturizer:

Boosts your hydration and provides you with long-lasting moisture all day long.

Kids Hair Cream:

Use it to tame your frizz, hydrate and strengthen your hair strands.

Kids Detangling Conditioner:

Instantly detangles your wet or dry hair. Great tip: We spray a few spritz over our split ends too and it just works wonders!

Moisturizing Sunscreen SPF 50+:

High broad spectrum protection and gentle for your sensitive skin without the use of harsh chemicals.